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Carpet Transition Trim


Looking to finish up your carpeting projects? Need to properly transition one room’s flooring into another? Why not use carpet transition trim from Trim-Lok? Carpet edge trim is a flexible PVC trim designed to run along the edge of carpet to prevent frays and provide a clean, finished look. A 3M™ Acrylic Automotive Grade Foam Tape with peel-off liner ensures that Trim-Lok’s Carpet Trim will stay in place after installation.


Product description

  • Gives floor transitions a clean look, even between varying flooring types – including carpet to tile transitions
  • Creates accessible spaces for wheelchairs, strollers and carts
  • Covers any dangerous edges or fiberglass in the marine industry
  • Prevents any wear and tear on the flooring transition points – your carpet edge stays in good shape for longer

Sold by the foot at $4.00 per foot