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Marine Carpet Padding


$10.00 a running foot by 40”


Product description


  • Re-bond from virgin nitrile Ortho anti-fatigue mat scraps
  • Can be made into any size or shape
  • Closed cell material is designed to get wet. The compound is formulated with anti-microbial to eliminate mold, mildew, and bacteria


  • Fish in total comfort
  • Excellent compression deflection for maximum anti-fatigue values while standing
  • Don’t spook the fish – reduces sound and vibrations on boat deck
  • Enhances carpet beauty and extends carpet life
  • No net rule, no problem – give the fish a soft place to land
  • Great for kneeling down to grab a fish
  • Adds floatation to boats
  • Reduces condensation under deck lids


  • Standard thicknesses:  1/4”
  • Standard roll sizes:36” & 42” widths
  • Rolls come in 50’ lengths